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Vandana’s Awards & Appreciations

70 awards and Honors conferred to / won by Mrs Vandana Jain in following Cooking competitions/ field in UAE, India and across the world by Governments, Institutions and Social Groups :

Honor /Appreciations for her outstanding Contributions in the culinary field, popularizing Indian cuisine abroad and enhancing Bonding between UAE and India

  • Word Book of Records UK recognized and conferred certificate dated 31 July 2021 to Vandana Jain for making record for the highest innovation and creations of vegetarian and vegan 3,831 recipes of 86 courses in the 7 International cuisines in October ,2021.
  • Conferred Certificate of Accreditation for Creative people of culture and art by Dubai Culture and Art Authority- Government of Dubai who recommended for the Golden Visa of UAE for 10 years on 3 September 2021. A big honour being an Indian thus giving pride to India in UAE
  • Her latest cookbook, Vandana’s Paneer Creations Cookbook – Winner of The Best Indian & Sri Lankan Cookbook in the World by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2021 (Oscars in the world of cookbooks) giving Pride to India resident in UAE, as ranked The Best in the World out of 98 countries who participated in Gourmand World cookbook contest and flourished Indian cuisine to the rest parts of the world.
  • Vandana Jain Culinary Courses (VJCC) – Vandana’s cooking and baking institute in Dubai, selected as the Top 11 Cooking Education Schools in the world by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2021, the only culinary academy in UAE run by an Indian
  • Winner of Emirates Women Awards 2020Best Performer in the Innovation Criterion, under the patronage of HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum for her outstanding achievements in the field of Innovations across the globe being an Indian. Only one Indian amongst 10 awards categories
  • Vandana was conferred one of the Best Civilian Honor/ award by HE Governor of Rajasthan from Government of Rajasthan (India) on Republic Day 2016 for her outstanding contribution in the field of cooking and enhancing vegetarian & vegan cuisine around the world
  • HE Consul General of India in Dubai has conferred Ms Jain, the esteem title of ‘FOOD AMBASSADOR’ for enhancing Cultural bonding between India and UAE by publishing fusion recipes (infused Indian spices and condiments into world’s different cuisines) and by Publishing Cookbooks in Arabic language to enhance knowledge of Vegetarian delicacies amongst local UAE Residents and Diasporas ,
  • Women Entrepreneur Magazine, India has conferred a Certificate of Appreciation and recognizing her TOP 10 Indian Women Leaders in Middle East 2021 for astute leadership showcased and highlighting Inspiring success stories in the ME published in the edition of November 2021
  • Global Excellence & Leadership Award 2021 was conferred for outstanding contribution & concern towards the society & Nation at Large in the Culinary field on 22nd October,2021 at Business Conclave 2021 by Global Business Federation, UAE
  • She has been conferred Appreciation Certificate by Department of Culture and Information of Sharjah Government – UAE for participating in 33rd Sharjah International Book Fair 2014 and extending support in making the Culinary event a Grand Success.
  • Invited by Abu Dhabi and Sharjah International book fair to demonstrate her recipes in their “Show Kitchen/ Cooking corner Programme”, 2014 and 2015 targeting Arab audiences thus promoting Indian he althy cuisine to local UAE communities.
  • Inclusion of her name in the lists of top chefs, authors and publishers of the World in their “Professional Catalogue 2013, by Gourmand International, Spain, which was circulated across the globe. Giving Pride to India in its culinary arts field on a global platform of recognition.
  • Maharana Award -Rajasthan Foundation (Govt of Rajasthan) was conferred being An Emerging Entrepreneur to Ms Vandana for her an amazing and successful contribution in the Hospitality & Culinary field on 16th November 2021 in UAE
  • Jain Social Group -UAE conferred award of appreciation for her contribution to JSG fraternity through culinary skills & Creativity on 12th November,2021
  • Women Guest Editor of Hindi Leading News Paper –Rajasthan Patrika (India),11 April ,2021
  • Appreciation Certificate by Indian Business and Professional Council for popularizing Indian Cuisines in UAE and worldwide 2019
  • Conferred Food Ambassador by Cooking Reality TV Show – Food Shala Season 8 – 2019
  • Appreciation Certificate and Thank you by Super Special Mom (Mom of special need children),March and May 2019
  • Emirates Women Award 2018 : Short listed under top 20 out of 150 Emirati Women of UAE,2018 (Vandana is only Indian who achieved this milestone in year 2018)
  • RBPC Annual Appreciation Award by Rajasthan Business and Professional Group, UAE 2018
  • Abhinandan Patra by prominent Social Porwal Group–Gyan Kanika Group, Indore ( M.P. India) on Republic Day 2018
  • Honor of Porwal’s Talent by Padmavati Porwal Jain Vikas Samiti, Rajasthan 2017
  • Honor öf Jain Pratibha Samman by Rajasthan Jain Sabha,(India) 2016
  • Appreciation by Forever Young Group –UAE for culinary achievement , 2015
  • Prashti patra by Porwal Yuvak Sangh 2013
  • Appreciation Memento by Dubai Porwal Samaj 2012
  • Appreciation by Middlesex University, Dubai, 2015
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India ( Dubai Chapter), 2014


1- 1st  Prize winner :   Best Indian Cuisine Book of the World by Gourmand World Cook

                                     Book Awards -2012 (out of 6 finalists countries) at Paris

2- 1st  Prize winner :   Winner of Best Vegetarian cuisine book in the UAE by Gourmand

                                      World Cook Book Awards -2012 Spain

3- 1st  Prize winner :   Grand finale of Vegetarian –Maincourse , Cooking Contests held  at

                                     LuLu Food Fiesta in May 2011. ( out of 2000 contestants) 

4- 1st  Prize winner :   SandwichContests held  at LuLu Food Fiesta in May 2011

5- 1st  Prize winner :   Cake icing  Contests held  at LuLu Food Fiesta-Karama in May 2011

6- 1st  Prize winner :   Cake icing  Contests held  at LuLu Food Fiesta –Barshain May 2011

7 -1st  Prize winner :   Payassam Cooking Contests held  at LuLu Food Fiesta in May 2011

81st  Prize winner :   All India Prawasi Cooking Contest held  at Karama Centre  in Feb 2011

9- 1st  Prize winner :   Vegetarian maincourse Cooking Contests held  at LuLu Food Fiesta in

                                     May 2010.

10-1st  Prize winner    Your choice  Cooking Contests held  at LuLu Food Fiesta in May 2010

11-1st  Prize winner :  Sandwich Contests held  at LuLu Food Fiesta in May 2010

12-1st  Prize winner : Dessert Cooking Contests held  at LuLu Food Fiesta in May 2010

13-1st  Prize winner : Dessert Cooking Contest held  at LuLu Food Fiestain May 2009

14-1st Prize winner : Woman fitness award – 2009 Organized by Dubai Municipality

15-1st  Prize winner : Cake IcingContest held  at LuLu Food Fiesta in May 2009

16-1st  Prize winner:  Cooking contest organized by VLCC on 26th April 08 at Moon Valley

                                    Hotel Apartment

17-1st Prize winner:  Wonder Cook of 2007” organized by Tele Life on 29 th June at Four

                                    point Sheraton (refer Tele life magazine September 2007)

18-1st Prize winner:  Vegetarian Main Course  Cooking contest held on 21st Jan 07 at Moon

                                    valley hotel apartment by Ladies Association Club, Dubai.

19-1st Prize winnerSamsung BBQ Cooking competition organized by Arabian Resources at

                                    Al Mulla Plaza in month of November 2006

20-1st  Prize winner: Palson Cooking contest organized by KTSF held on 28th Nov 06 (Refer

                                   KT weekend magazine dated 15th December 2006)

21-Gold winner( 1st Prize ) : Safi Cooking Contest organized by KTSF on   7th Oct 06. ( Refer

                                   KT weekend magazine dated 3 & 10 Nov 2006

22-1st  Prize winner : Pehla Cooking Contest held on 26th May 06 at Arabian courtyard, Bur

                                    Dubai. ( ReferPehla Magazine July-August 06 )   

23-2ndPrize winnerGrand finale the Food Shala reality Cooking show –Colors TV, 2012(

                                    out of 100 contestants )

24-2ndPrize winnerGrand finale of Dessert Contest held  at LuLu Food Fiesta,in May 2010

                                    (outof Top winners of 5 Emirates of UAE )

25- 2ndPrize winner : Open (veg & non veg ) Cooking Contest held  at LuLu Food Fiesta,SHJ

                                    in May 2010

26-2nd Prize winner : Paneer recipes  Cooking Contest held  at LuLu Food Fiesta in May 2009

27-2nd Prize winner:  Saled Garnishing Contest held  at LuLu Food Fiesta in May 2009

 282nd Prize winner :Cooking Competition organized by HCA ( Jain Social Group) on dated

                                    09 March  2008

29-2nd Prize winner  :Kabab chi Contest organized by Four point Sheraton, Bur Dubai on

dated 09 December 2007 

30-2nd Prize winner : Tele Life Cook out Competition held on 18th Jan 07 at Zabeel Park

                                    during DSF food fiesta

31-2nd Prize winner: Guinness world Longest buffet conducted by Dubai Shopping  

                                    Festival and Marco polo , 14th Jan 07.

32-2nd Prize winner: Tele life ” Made for each other” Cooking Contest held on 16th Sep 06

                                    (Refer Tele life magazine October 06)

33-2nd  Prize winner: Dessert competition organized by HCA (UAE Jain Community) on 14th

                                    April 06.

34-3rd  Prize winner :Vegetarian Mani course cooking completion in Lu-Lu Barsha ,May 2010

35-3rd  Prize winner: International Cooking Contest organized by  Pakistani Woman

                                    Association on November 29 ,2006

36-Winner :               Winworth Juice competition, June 19, 2010

37-Winner :               Dessert cooking completion ,LU-LU Karama, May 2010

38-Winner:                Nestle Cooking competition organized by KTFS on 26th Mar 2006

39-Winner:                Nestle Cooking competition organized by KTFS (Refer KT weekend

                                    Magazine dated 23rd Sep 05

40-Winner:                Nestle Cooking competition organized by KTFS (Refer KT weekend

                                    Magazine dated10th June 05

41-Winner:                Al Rawabi Cooking Competition- Dessert, in the LU-LU FIESTA, 2004

42-Winner:               Al Rawabi Cooking Competition-Main course in the LU-LU FIESTA,


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