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6 Cook books has been written by Vandana Jain including in Arabic languages to popularize Indian cuisine and other new cook books are in pipeline specially on Autism

Out of that One cook book Vandana Veggie creations has begged two International award “ Best Indian cuisine book of the World by Gourmand world cook book award at Paris (France) and Best vegetarian book in the UAE

Vandana’s cook books unveil the secrets which produce the aromatic and delectable tastes of Indian and international Cuisines. They showcase the recipes that range from tasty curries, sauces, and savory desserts to snacks, vegetarian dishes and exotic drinks steeped in the traditions of India fr-libido.com.

Your Taste buds are sure to be entranced. Every recipe has been thoroughly tested to ensure excellent results for even the novice cook. Your guests and family will rejoice in the absolutely delicious dishes you prepare. COURSES : SALAD, SNACK, MAIN COURSE, DESSERTS, CAKES, DIPS & SAUCES, SWEETS, HOME REMEDIES