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Contribution to Field

Vandana Jain – A rare one-woman army who took a leap of faith and has led an aspiring path for passionate women worldwide. An exemplary versatile personality viz won twice the International award-winning author of Best Cookbooks of the World, an avid columnist, connoisseur chef, culinary consultant, TV-Radio, & Founder of her KHDA certified culinary institute educating thousands of Emiratis and International Women diasporas about Healthy & Nutritious wellbeing & lifestyle.

Her innovation, creativity and holistic expertise have resulted in 71 prestigious International & National accolades, six cookbooks, and creating 4000+ recipes in 86 courses for seven International cuisines. Male Chefs have always dominated the culinary industry; Vandana has proved to become a distinguishable identity, an ideal leader to educate and inspire women to pursue their dreams. She has triumphed several awards, several front-page media coverage and esteem titles such as ‘UAE’s Talented People’ by the Cultural Ministry of Dubai, granting her Golden Visa, ‘Doyen of Vegetarian Cooking’ & ‘Culinary Queen’ by Khaleej Times and ‘Cuisine Queen’ by SHE Magazine, ‘Top 10 Indian Women Leaders in MiddleEast’ & ‘Crafting A Kingdom of Extraordinary’, ‘Authority of Vegetarian Cuisine by Gulf News, ‘Pride of India’ by Gulf Today and more which no doubt, enhanced culture bonding between India and Gulf countries but has massively empowered to build new skills and encourage Emirati employees to expand their career options in the culinary arts industry. Thereby, honoured by Consul General of India, Rajasthan and UAE Governments thus giving pride to India.

Winning International award by Gourmand World Cook Book Awards, representing United Arab Emirates has indeed been a moment of pride for the country and communities.

Spreading the aroma and flavours of vegetarianism in all around Middle eastern and East African region through innovative fusion recipes has been her way of helping Emiratis and expatriates worldwide to know more about healthy vegetarian eating and well-being. She has infused Arab spices and condiments into International cuisines or recipes with mouth-watering results, which prove that healthy vegetarian food is a horizon without limitations.

Contribution to Society

Vandana Jain – An inspirational & unstoppable woman of today who is driving change, empowering hundreds, breaking barriers and helping create a thriving culinary hub where entrepreneurs don’t need a business title to lead. She believes ‘Leadership is not a journey to rise in turnovers but a journey to help those around us rise,’. As a creative CEO, she has innovated thousands of vegetarian recipes and attained the phenomenal World Book of Records and Emirates Women Awards. For 24 years, she has been empowering thousands of women worldwide, mothers of special needs, cancer survivors and Emirati women by uplifting them.

Vandana Jain’s culinary skills has not just helped thousands of busy housewives and working professionals in UAE become more aware of their heath quotient but also ensured non-financial support to voluntary welfare activities where the underprivileged/ lower classes experience cooking with stupendous flavors. On the upside, it helped them explore the possibilities of infusing Arab spices into Western, Chinese, Mediterranean; Middle Eastern styles of cooking and Arab culture.

Vandana’s easy skills to follow recipes give a lot of scope to add own dash of ideas with a pinch of salt to bring smiles to many families and praises to their creativity and pride themselves and binding family members together. Vandana, throughout her life has ensured to balance societal development along with employment generation by raising & encouraging entrepreneurs to start their own businesses in UAE & enhance the culinary society through product innovations and diversifications. Her cook book helped autism patients improve their mental and physical lifestyle.

As healthy lifestyle is must in today’s world, these well designed Vandana’s innovative recipes ensures the local communities of UAE enjoys these quick, healthy, innovative and delicious International vegetarian delicacies as it helps them curb their hunger pangs with a nourishing touch to add the righteous essence in their lifestyles.