☘ ☘ HEALTHY VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE ROTIS Class for Improvised diet & health in minutes on Wednesday, 18th December from 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm

📍A very quick and easy way to make these Chapattis with High Fibers Fresh Veggies, Seeds and Nuts …A Complete meal…and this exotic class is followed by a delicious lunch too!

📍Each Roti will consist of different kinds of Veggies like Beetroot,  Carrots,  Methi , Spinach Lokki , Sweet potatoes,  potatoes,  Cabbage, Avocado, fresh Coriander,  Ginger,  Onion, Green Chillies,  Mint etc

📍 A very Special, Delicious, nutritious and very tasty Karela (Bittergourd) Roti will be also taught in this class!!

📍Different types of Healthy seeds like pumpkin seeds , Sunflower seeds,  Sesame seeds,  Flax seeds , Chia Seeds etc will be used

☘Recipes to be  taught :

1) Nutritional Ragi Chapattis
2) Healthy  Millet ( Jower )Roti
3)Healthy  Bajra Roti
4)Healthy Amaranth (Rajgira) Roti
5) Healthy Makka ki Roti
6) Healthy Quinoa  Roti
7) Healthy Brown Rice Roti
8) Healthy Buckwheat  Chapatties
9) Healthy Chestnut Chapatties
10) Healthy Multi grain Chapatties

It’s a one-day crash course worth 300 Aed only

For enroll…register your name on WhatsApp or by a call on 0507506291.

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